[MANUAL] Делаем мамона в гм-шопе

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    23 авг 2014
    В это мануале, расскажу Вам, как сделать мамона у себя в Гмшопе.
    Создаем файл mamon_gmshop.htm

    Копируем в него:
    Blacksmith of Mammon:<br> 
    Ah, yes, the seal of gnosis! May you receive the blessings of Mammon! You have come a long way to find me. I can provide you with the highest-quality weapons and armory.<br> 
    Blacksmiths the world over try to mimic my refined techniques, but their work pales in comparison to mine.<br> 
    I must ask you but one thing. As a dwarf of Mammon, I cannot accept money from the outside world. I can only accept payment in Ancient Adena.<br> 
    <a action="bypass -h menu_select?ask=-303&reply=216">Manufacture an S-grade sword.</a><br> 
    <a action="bypass -h menu_select?ask=-303&reply=215">Bestow the special S-grade weapon some abilities.</a><br> 
    <a action="bypass -h menu_select?ask=-303&reply=217">Release the S-grade armor seal.</a><br> 
    <a action="bypass -h menu_select?ask=-303&reply=218">Release the S-grade accessory seal.</a><br> 
    <a action="bypass -h menu_select?ask=-303&reply=211">Manufacture an A-grade sword.</a><br> 
    <a action="bypass -h menu_select?ask=-303&reply=204">Bestow the special A-grade weapon some abilities.</a><br> 
    <a action="bypass -h menu_select?ask=-303&reply=206">Release the A-grade armor seal.</a><br> 
    <a action="bypass -h menu_select?ask=-303&reply=220">Release the A-grade accessory seal.</a><br> 
    <a action="bypass -h menu_select?ask=-303&reply=219">Seal the A-grade armor again.</a><br> 
    <a action="bypass -h menu_select?ask=-303&reply=252">Remove the special abilities from a weapon.</a><br> 
    <a action="link blacksmith_of_mammon001a.htm">Upgrade a weapon.</a><br> 
    <a action="link blacksmith_of_mammon001b.htm">Make an even exchange of weapons.</a> 
    <a action="bypass -h menu_select?ask=-303&reply=267">Exchange B-grade weapons for fist weapons.</a> 
    Теперь в диалог вашего гмшопа добавляем следующие:
    <button value="Мамон" action="link mamon_gmshop.htm" width=75 height=21 back="Btn1_normal" fore="Btn1_normal">
    Вот и все :)