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    23 авг 2014
    Admin supports:

    • UTF-8 encoding.
    • AJAX implementation.
    • Template system, HTML with CSS.
    • Basicaly all the cached packets.
    • Have very easy code which support implementing new pages.
    • Have 9 working functions listed below.

    1. Check if char is online
    2. Change player name
    3. Give item (need test, or working solution)
    4. Delete item
    5. Change player
    6. Move char to another account
    7. Block chat
    8. Change player stats
    9. Set player stats
    10. Quick announce (supports many languages)
    How to install:

    • Upload archive to your web-server with php5 (with mbstring and mssql support).
    • Edit includes/config.php, fill mssql and cached connection details, also set admin password.
    • Try to enter admin page, you will see authorization dialog, enter a password and enter.
    • You will see admin menu, thats all, you may start using functions.
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